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These cards changed my life. That and starting happy hour at noon.

Sassy Ladies

Our sassy ladies are sweet and funny. And oh, so sassy. Send one of our funny greeting cards and share a laugh with your BFFs on us. Because remembering special occasions AND being witty about it can be too much for any Super Woman.

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sassy lady and birthday cake


If you are a dog lover with a sense of humor, or you know one, look no further. Our funny dog greeting cards are clever and witty so you don’t have to be.

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guilty basset hound on furniture


Did you know that there are 94.2 million pet cats in the United States? That is a lot of cat lovers! Statistically speaking, we are guessing that you have at least a few friends who would love these cards.

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funny cat wearing hat and peace symbol necklace

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Birthday Cards

Celebrate the special people in your life with witty humor that can only originate from a Sassypants Design birthday greeting card.

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All-Occasion Cards

Life is all about kindness, integrity, laughter, generosity and real connections with others. Our funny greeting cards generate smiles and help people show their creative side while sharing their love when they send them.

We spread love and happiness by helping nurture relationships through the joy of giving and the sharing of witty, uplifting humor.

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Boxed Thank-You Cards

Say a heartfelt “thank-you” with our funny thank-you cards. Boxed set – 4 different designs (2 of each for a total of 8 cards). Dogs, cats, “The Ladies”.

Beautifully packaged in a clear box, these sets make a perfect gift for that special person who appreciates a good laugh.

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funny dog greeting card


Our fabulous cards may be individually purchased on Etsy along with our boxed thank-you cards.

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Funny greeting cards wholesale


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