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Exactly How I Create the Artwork

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People often ask me exactly how I create the artwork for Sassypants Design cards.

[WARNING: If reading about software technology makes you want to poke your eyes out with poison darts, then go straight to the video.]

I Use Adobe Illustrator for the Initial Drawings

I create my drawings using Adobe Illustrator. (This is a vector-based drawing application, in geek speak.) I often work from a photo of a real dog or person as a subject, as a portrait painter might do. But I take artistic liberties along the way.

Because I can.

simple drawing to finished product Sassypants Design

Gotta Love the Graphics Tablet

My Wacom tablet is my drawing tool of choice. It is like putting pen to paper, only easier, because if I make a mistake, I can make it go away with a few clicks. (I’m waiting for a tool like that to erase my mistakes in life.) Whatever I draw on my tablet, I see on my computer screen.

finished greeting card Sassypants Design

The Magic Happens with Photoshop

Next, I open my drawing with Adobe Photoshop (a raster-based program, for the tech-heads). This is where the magic happens. Backgrounds, textures, color adjustments, captions… I do it all with Photoshop.

Adobe InDesign – The Last Stop

Finally, the last stop is Adobe InDesign. This is a desktop publishing program that is the industry standard for layout and page design. I create a greeting card that includes the image, caption and the branding information on the back of the card.

A greeting card has come to life.

Watch the Process

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Amy Chin and Stacy Dymalski

Amy Chin and Stacy Dymalski

Owner of Sassypants Design, Amy Chin (left), graphic artist, creates the colorful and wacky artwork depicted on our products.

The creamy nugget of hilarity contained inside each Sassypants Design card spawns from the sassy wit of comedian Stacy Dymalski (right), who also happens to be Amy’s life-long friend.